Servus, Glück Auf and Welcome by ZargoZ Community Solo Server
Here you will find all server information and settings as well as all rules.

I recommend everyone who wants to play longer here to read the rules and info carefully.

Ignorance does not protect against punishment. For feedback please visit the Discord.

If you can´t find the Server under Community Servers In Rust.

Then press Ingame F1 and copy that in the Console:


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Server Infos and Settings


Wipe is always on Friday after the Force Wipe around 17 o'clock.

Blocked weapons and items

The server is divided into 3 phases.

The first phase Raid protection in the first 27 hours

you can not use satchels, beancan grenades or F1 grenades.

Second phase are the bow days for the first 3 days after serverwipe.

During these 3 days you can only use the bow and the crossbow as well as melee weapons.

Second phase is Rock´n Roll where C4 and Rockets will be unlocked after 7 days after Wipe.

Before that you can only raid with Explo Ammo and Satchels / Beancans.

The command /unblock in the chat gives you an exact overview which weapon / item can be used from when on.


Offline Raid protection

The raid protection counts individually for each player:

After you are offline you can still be raided normally for the first 20 minutes.

Then your base has a protection of 75% for another 40 minutes

which means it's three times as expensive as normal.

Applies the first 21 days thereafter 50%.

Then you will have a 100% raid protection for 24 hours where no one can raid you.

Applies the first 21 days thereafter 50%.

Then you have again 24 hours long 50% protection.

From hour 48 your base is considered inactive and can be raided normally.


We have default Blueprints like double shotgun, all power parts except triggers and power sources

as well as tools and clothes just look what you can craft in from the beginning.

Workbenches can be upgraded by place the next higher workbench in the current Workbench.

So you don't have to tear them off and even get them back to use it in a second base.

Wood and stones give twice X2 resources

Metall Stones gives 1.5 resources

Stack sizes are increased.

Faster melting goes twice as fast X2

Faster crafting goes 4x as fast X4

There are Scientists at the PIOs and Zombies in the wild.

On the airfield are only Zombies

Scientists also spawn at the Airdrops

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Server Rules

I. Griefing

Taking over a base, or griefing is forbidden.

Exception is a raidbase that is in front of your base, you may only grief it for the purpose of decaying .

II. Camping

Both Roofcamping and Doorcamping is forbidden.

Landing by Scrap Heli or Gyrocopter on roofs is forbidden.

Fighting outside the Base.

III Helicopter

If is a helifight and a player shots you when you are in the Base, then it is allowed to shot back.

An autoturret to secure the heli is not allowed.

IV. Basebuilding

Loot / TC: The boxes and the tool cabinet must be accessible through doors or garage doors.

Yard: In a yard, all tool cupboards must be accessible by door.

Wall rings: A maximum of 2 rings of wood / stone walls may be placed around the base.

Stach: Hiding "small hidden stach" in the yard or base is also forbidden.

Bunkers: All types of bunkers are forbidden. No roof bunkers, no stability bunkers or the like.

Autoturrets: No matter if in the yard or in the base or the bases within a base complex.

In total you may maximum 12 Autoturrets adjust.

Autoturrets: These must be set so that Rustlers running by are not be shootet by the autoturrets.

V. Raid

Raid protection: It is strictly forbidden to wait for a player to go offline and raid him.

Raid protection: Likewise it is forbidden to go fast offline if you notice that you are raided.

Griefen: The setting of walls / doors or a tool cabinet in the Base that you attack is of course allowed,

but after the raid everything has to be removed by yourself and the TC has to be open and freely access!

Autoturrets: You may set one autoturret in the raid base and one outside during the raid.

But these have to be dismantled after the raid. Taking away your loot at a hour or so, no longer counts as a raid.

Counter: You may counter a raid at any time, which means that you interfere in the local combat.

The mere sniping or shooting from a distance to catch a kill or to annoy people is forbidden!

Camping: In a raid, camping is of course allowed for the raider and the defender.

Land on the roof: Of course, this is also allowed with a raid, but only then.

VI. Behavior of the player

Cheaten: Programs that support the game as a third party are forbidden. Both Aimbots, Wallhacks, Recoil Controll, etc.

Player Pickup: Players may not be picked up during the Chinooks, Bradley, Airdrops, Helis, at Military Tunnel or Oil Rig.

InGame Nick: Changing the ingame nick during a wipe cycle (i.e. from server wipe to server wipe) is not allowed!

Trade: The pushing of other players by fake trade is forbidden.

Gifts: Giving away bases or loot is forbidden.

Chat: Please only English or German in Chat.

Streamsnipping: Streamsnipping in people who stream is forbidden.

Scrap Heli and Gyrocopter: The fucking of the people because one is a good pilot and PVP God should be kept within limits.

This should be feasible for you then also without aircraft.

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Whitelist - Access to the Server

To get on the whitelist click on the Discord button.

Post your Steam Profile Link or your Steam ID in the Discord Whitelist Channel.

A few words about your person and your rust experiences would be nice.

If you don't have any bans I will gladly accept you.

Whoever violates a rule or takes the fun out of the game

through any actions will be taken off the whitelist.

Generally I reserve the right to take people off the whitelist

if they harm the server or the community.

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